Today I listened to “a woman after gods own heart” and I don’t know why I am always shocked that God puts things in our lives at the right time but I am. My husband who has ADHD has been on and off trying to get his undergrad since he graduated from high school. He is 32 going to be 33 this year and it has been a lifelong struggle for him. We just got excepted to a seminary in California last year. We decided to wait a year to go so we could save up the tiny bit of money we could save to make the trip across the country. (From Michigan) We have two beautiful daughters one with ADHD the other is too young to diagnose and one little baby on the way, due in September. This little baby was not planned by us, another one of Gods timing. We have been waiting to see this promise of seminary for years. We leave in just under a month and it does not seem real. We have a passion that Christ has put on our heart since we were both young, of missionary work. We figured the best way to Fulfill that calling would be to be as educated as we possibly could. So we decided to try and get an undergrad so we get into seminary for a Masters of divinity degree and we failed over and over and over again. It wasn’t until we were wondering if we were even supposed to attend seminary that we found out there’s kind of a back door way of getting into seminary. My husband is considered “old enough” In other words been in the world long enough and been so close to getting his bachelors degree they are letting him attend as a “special student.” This was such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders and such a blessing! when we got that acceptance letter into seminary we were beyond excited, scared, and Willing to jump thru any hoops necessary. What Rebecca said about God being our Savior and wanting to save us has been my entire life, has been my husband‘s entire life. we have both struggled since we were children, brought up in difficult homes, been through life and death situations, and have such a passion for each other and for God. Difficulties are not new to us and we have come to just expect them. We could not be more excited more ready and more scared in our lives than what we will be in a month, sitting away from all our family further away than we have every been before, but surrounded by Gods people, and just trusting in his promises to us. After seminary we would absolutely love to do long term missions in Japan. We visited a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the culture the people and the need is great! The number of Christians is less than 1%. We believe that this is where we are being called, but are keeping our hearts open for whatever he has in store for us. We’ve been refined we’ve been broken down into nothing only to see God build us back up slowly. You don’t need lots of money you only need your faith and that is something that I am learning that I want more of. God has been good, he has been faithful, he has never forgotten us, even when we felt left in the dark. I pray for all of you on your journey, to have strength, steadfast love, and for God to ignite the passion’s of your soul. God bless to you all.

Posted by BLTitcombe at 2020-06-05 02:03:27 UTC