I am new to homeschooling this fall, have wanted to for years but will be jumping in with a 3rd grader, K and 2 year old assistant teacher. GR is just what I wanted to find. We recently switched to a single income family so our budget is super tight. I’m trying to plan ahead and be ready to buy when the sale happens in July. I see lots of people say that the grammar is enough and some that seem to supplement it. Will it be enough if we don’t get through all 10 units in a year? What about phonics and reading for my K, I know there is a new thing coming out for that age group but I honestly doubt we can financially swing another curriculum item if we do all the units from year one. I am wanting to slow start him after public school preK but he’s so close to reading that I don’t want to just drop it.

Posted by Deleted (814cb775) at 2020-06-05 02:17:58 UTC