Hey guys, setting up the online convention and looking for a few guests. I need someone who wants to do a pre-recorded session about Gather Round and special needs, we are looking for a bunch of kids that want to do just a 2 minute video about why they love gather round and maybe show some of their projects from the year to create a GR montage, we'd love to have one of those for adults too, just 30 second little video clips about why you love GRH and how it works for your family as well as a day in the life video (or possibly a bunch that are clipped together). If you are interested in submitting, please email me at support@gatherroundhomeschool.com and put ONLINE CONVENTION SUBMISSION in the subject line. I would need it within the next few weeks and am trying to set up the schedule for our convention pre-launch this Sunday.

Posted by Rebecca at Gather 'Round at 2020-06-05 20:44:02 UTC