I am currently schooling my 4 year old we are actually doing a kindergarten level curriculum from My Father’s World. While we do like it Gather round has really caught my attention. Our “school year” is a little off because we started in January instead of August. With that being said right now she is at a pre reader stage but is learning sight words and has begun sounding things out. I would imagine she will be a beginning reader by the time we finish this curriculum in November. So if I were to make the switch to GH at that time should I do the pretender yet or go ahead with the 1st grade level. (She knows her alphabet, shapes, colors, and counts to 100. She is writing her name and writing her letters). I don’t want to get one that is so easy for her that it is a waste of our money but at the same time I don’t want to start one that is going to be way too hard because she will only be 5.

Posted by Deleted (6fb069f9) at 2020-06-07 02:05:47 UTC