So my cannon printer that I have had for 7 years started giving me an error code the last few weeks about the tray not being aligned to which I have taken it out and put it back in a million times to try to fix it. I have loved the quality of how crisp and clear the printing has always been! But not loved the price of ink but the last few years have used Knick off ink that has also worked great so the price of printing has not been to bad! All that to ask a few questions??? First off does anyone know how to fix the cannon so it stops giving me the error code? Second I bought a Epson 2760 eco tank on Friday and played with it all day yesterday! However I feel like the print quality is in no comparison to what I am used to? Is there something in the settings that I can do to get a better colour and crispness? Or is this just how it prints and I need to get used to it?

Posted by s_makellky at 2020-06-07 15:25:44 UTC