Anyone interested in doing a coop through a platform like zoom? So those of us that do not have others near us can still meet? Update!!! Well it seems there is lots of interest in doing an online coop! So keep commenting if you are interested and I will send you a friend request. Than I will send you some questions to see what you are wanting in an online coop. Questions range from: Are you wanting to do a kinder/preschool age coop or are you wanting to do year one units or year two units together? Do you want it to be all the extras like art and music/a place to share presentations, pen pals, cooking class and so on. Then because it is online it is probably best to keep the coops at a limit of 10-15 families so everyone can be interacting well. So once I know what you are looking for in a coop I will try to add you to a group that fits what your looking for.

Posted by s_makellky at 2020-06-08 17:47:55 UTC