I’m looking forward to many of the posts, advice and questions on this board. I have 4 kids, 14 yr daughter, 10 yr son (asd and dyslexic), 8 yr son (asd and dyslexic) and a 7yr son (dyslexic and possibly something else that we don’t know about). I’ve tried a number of different methods of homeschooling and nothing seems to work well or consistently. I’m looking forward to starting GRH material after our deschooling time. Since learning of the boys’ dyslexia, I’ve given the task of teaching them to read to a hired service. Now we get to do the fun stuff! And this curriculum seems on time for exactly what we need! The picture is of my boys defending the long grass from their dad 🤣

Posted by Deleted (047ab571) at 2020-06-09 15:39:13 UTC