Hi all! New here and new to homeschooling. I have decided to homeschool my 10 year old next year going to 5th grade. Now I have 14 year old going into 8th grade that has cerebral palsy. She is in a wheel chair and her motor skills are not there. She is good at listening so she is able to take 8th grade science and history class as long as we go he pace. In math shes very behind ( I wouldnt know the grade) but she knows how to add, subscltract and multiply simple problems. Same is in reading. She can read picture books very slowly. She loves audiobooks her grade level. I really want to homeschool her but im afraid its impossible. Im afraid to harm her in the future. Any suggestions or someone that has a similar problem? At least I want to incorporate some homeschooling on the side for her. What do you recommend?

Posted by Deleted (b95ffc13) at 2020-06-11 16:32:56 UTC