Hello friends! I will be sharing some resources and things we did during the NAB unit over the next few days! We loved this unit and learned so much. Our state was shut down during this unit so we did a lot of READING. However, the libraries were also closed so quite a few of our read aloud were borrowed from our libraries digital resources. Don’t forget to check YouTube! We found a couple of our picture books there. Here is the list and you can scroll through the pics to see what we read! I’ll have to make two posts as I can only share five images! Read Alouds: Owls in the Family The Burgess Bird Book for Children The Trumpet of the Swan Wishtree Usborne Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare (not all) My 8 year old read: *Encyclopedia Jones: The Case of the Dead Eagles (she liked the book okay but it only had one short chapter to do with birds) *The Wild Robot (she LOVED it) *Who was Shakespeare? *The Canada Geese Quilt

Posted by megansmith at 2020-06-11 23:09:41 UTC