We have a little girl (girl number 4 for us ☺️) just a few weeks old. Just received the news that she is being diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation called Saethre Chotzen Syndrome. It’s a wait and see how life plays out kind of thing, at this point, but we know our Father has filled her life with His promise and His glory. Christ has spoken life over her from the very beginning, please join with us in speaking His word over her. We want God glorified in her life more than anything. Whatever that looks like. We are so thankful for the peace and Joy that we have been filled with since she has been born. She nurses well, grows, and does all the basic things they look for in a newborn. The doctors want to treat her cranial and facial features soon, but we are praying for a full restoration of her 7th chromosome, to the glory of our Father! 😊

Posted by Deleted (5c10fb9f) at 2020-06-15 23:09:41 UTC