We are just starting space but I thought I’d share a few YouTube videos I showed my boys (3,5&7) so far. As they are younger they enjoy and respond well to videos interspersed between me reading the teachers guide to them. (3 year old only shows up for the videos 😁) (Picture is of our “Space in Perspective “ lesson 2 activity. We went to the park so we had enough space and it was sooo much fun.) https://youtu.be/D8zZZZzppIM https://youtu.be/PCxjuDePdCI https://youtu.be/FEnqDEPsBHQ https://youtu.be/HGv_tjIzl7A https://youtu.be/ppajpMosxQI https://youtu.be/zfRfJME0JoA

Posted by Tina Yarrall at 2020-06-16 20:47:41 UTC