who else here is feeling so bogged down by all that is happening in the world right now? I am having such a hard time with the negativity that is literally everywhere.While praying about all of the strife surrounding our communities the Lord reminded me that it is totally okay to choose joy right now. He showed me that it is 100 percent acceptable to take my mind out of the world and focus on the word. Ladies, I thought that I needed to be so in touch with all that was happening in the news and had to stay informed through social media to make sure all was well for my family. How wrong I was. What the Lord wants us to do is focus on him and be a light in this world of darkness for all who are lost and in fear right now. I plan to soak my spirit in God's promises, nurture my childrens peace in God and pray for a hedge of protection around my home. My prayer for all of you is this: If you are feeling down trodden by the worldly happenings, ambushed by the emotions of 2020, robbed of your inner peace and joy, all of the above or none of the above and you just simply need God's healing, Then I pray that God will embrace you and surround you with his love, provide you refuge from your storm and give you a lighted path back to the peace you all deserve. Let's all just take a moment to pray for one another.

Posted by Deleted (d4a190d5) at 2020-06-18 21:53:04 UTC