Hey everyone I just wanted to recommend this book for space for your littles! It’s not 100% space themed, but it can go along with space! The book is about a little penguin named Pipkin who wants to know how big is a million. So he sets off on adventure and see different things that is grouped in smaller numbers, but does not find his million. So when he goes home his mom says I have your million right here and takes Pipkin outside their igloo home and tells him to look into the sky where he will find his million! So instead of just a regular page in the book showing that particular scene, there is a HUGE poster in the back of the book that you pull out, and it shows you a million stars! You can hang the poster up on your ceiling or wall or leave in in the book. I love the book cause while learning about space it’s constantly said their are millions and billions of stars in our universe, but that can be pretty hard for younger children to grasp or wrap their heads around to truly understand (even for my 7 year old). So this book is a great way to show your little one what the number a million really looks like and helps gives them an idea of just how many stars are in our universe! You can buy this book from Usborne Books and More!

Posted by Deleted (066b5c2d) at 2020-06-19 01:19:27 UTC